Cheney Tech Vendor Marketplace

Chris Todd

Jeannie and I really enjoyed this vendor event. It was very well organized, with lots of help everywhere, especially students there to help out loading (with carts!) Things they may want to do in the future: have it on a Saturday and advertise to the community more. Friday nights are just tough for a lot of people to come out after a long work week. They seemed to do a good job advertising for vendors because there were a lot of us and a good cross-section as well, but without steady foot-traffic, they don't want to lose those vendors in future years. An equal amount of advertising needs to go into getting the public to show up as well as the vendors. They had the cafeteria open with the culinary students and teachers making food for sale. The steak and cheese sandwiches on a nice crunchy baguette was awesome!  We sold a 39" canvas of Pero Fruit Stand. as well as a 60" matte print of Cook's! A good night! 

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