An example of a simple custom illustration commission for $399. This final product was a 36H" X 32W" semi-gloss print on stretched canvas, plus full rights to the original digital design files.

CT Designs accepts commissions for original illustrations, starting at $399 for a stretched canvas print of no more than 1296 square inches (for example, 36" x 36", 48" X 20", 24" X 36", etc.)

Just think of owning a one-of-a-kind illustration of your house, school, church, store, etc., depicted in any time period of your choice!

Commissions do not have to be for buildings or scenes only set in Manchester, CT. Though that is currently our focus on our retail illustrations, we can custom illustrate anything from anywhere!

Commissioned illustrations will be based on photos you provide, preferably set in the same time period as you choose for the final illustration. We can also add personal vehicles you may have owned, or just liked at the time. The overall look is up to you!

Pricing structure is as follows:

  • $399 for a simple custom illustration
  • $499 for a more complex custom illustration
  • $599 for a very complex custom illustration
  • An additional $100 per custom vehicle illustration incorporated into the overall final illustration
  • Additional charges per CT Designs' discretion, if necessary, and agreed upon by the customer
The Fine Print:

All prices are for a final product of the original digital design files of your commissioned illustration, as well as a stretched canvas print of no more than 1296 square inches.

You will own all rights to the illustration, but CT Designs reserves the right to use it for portfolio promotional and advertising purposes only.

A contract will need to be signed by both parties before any work begins.

So give us a call today at 860-800-9966, email us, or use our contact form for more information about commissioning an illustration from CT Designs!