Customize an Illustration

Due to the process of how we illustrate, we can customize any of CT Designs' original illustrations to your liking.

We can change any colors of our illustrations to your liking (as long as it does not change the integrity of the design itself), as well as change backgrounds and environments. We can even "swap out" details such as vehicles, signs, or items that can be customized and/or personalized by you!

Our illustration of Deci's (pictured) is set in 1957 and says so on the bottom. A customer wished to have it say "1958" instead of 1957 because that was the year they graduated from Manchester High School. No problem. We didn't even charge extra because it was so easy to do. Major customization, however, will cost above and beyond the base price of our existing illustrations. In general, customization will cost about $50 per hour or work, but exact costs can be worked out ahead of time.

So call us at 860-800-9966, email us, or use our contact form for more information about customizing one of our original illustrations.