Who is CT?

The "CT" in CT Designs actually does not stand for Connecticut. It refers to Chris "CT" Todd, born at Manchester Memorial Hospital, educated in the Manchester Public School System, and once hired to deliver the Manchester Evening Herald as a paperboy. 

Throughout his childhood, CT marveled at stories of the "old days of Manchester" told to him by both his mother and grandmother - each of whom were also born and raised in Manchester. As a fourth generation resident of Manchester, he has always appreciated the rich history, traditions, and style of the unique "City of Village Charm," even while living elsewhere.

Since becoming a graphic designer and illustrator, CT has long had his own freelance business, CT Graphics. Now, upon moving back to his hometown of Manchester in 2017, he has decided to focus on illustrating his town's past, using archive photos, personal interviews, and historical research to create original works of art. We hope you enjoy his creations as much as he enjoys making them.